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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. hello, good to have you with us. our top stories, the pakistani taliban deadliest attack. 142 people kill, most of them children. hundreds of billions of dollars are wipe -- as the ruble crashes to a new low, and share prices money. >> how can someone hike that -- entirely at large in the community?
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australia's prime minister asks why the sidney cafe attacker was not on a watch list, despite being known toe the authorities. and george w bush's brier announced that he is exploring to run for president in 2016. 132 children are the latest victims of the pakistani war with the government ran army run school, storming into classrooms and shooting students. ten staff were also killed in the eight houren slot, it's being described as the group's deadliest attack. the school is located near several government and military buildings such as the police headquarters and the high court. ny coal johnston has our report. >> it was an attack many people in pakistan had
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feared would eventually come. the blow back, as the taliban takes it's revenge, for launching a military campaign against it. but no one thought the target would be a school. >> the fighting started suddenly. we ran to our classes, there were six or seven attackers and they were entering the classrooms and shooting students one by one. nor than 130 children are dead, one of the worst attacks in years. some of the students were on the near, lying under their desks terrified listening to the gunfire around them. they said they were in the school hall when the firing starts he saw some children shot dead, and says his teacher was also shot, and her body set on fire. outside the hospital they checked list to see if their children were there
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a spokesman for the group has released this statement they burned our homes and we were forced to put their homes on fire. we have advised our comrade ts if there is a underage child, even if he is a pakistani army chief, he should be given a way out, there is a primary section, and this' another section that we hit. we know there are no underaged children there. the military says it has killed more than 1800 fighters and destroyed camps and weapon stores. >> . >> the government and the army has begin the operation against milln't thats and the results are food. and this operation will continue until wen baish this from our country. >> eight hours after it started the siege was over.
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all nine gunman were killed. but the group has proved it's point, if anyone thought it was on the back foot, here is the reminder of what it can do. the real challenge is preventing it from doing it again. nicole johnston, al jazeera. >> joins us now live, and you are at the hospital where it's been a very distressing day. a lot of parents coming to claim the bodies of their children. >> absolutely. the parents are now taking the bodies to the residents where they will be preparing for the burials tomorrow morning. of course as you heard earlier, the military finally coming out with a statement, coming out with the figures and the number of people killed. but the people in pakistan who are asking as to how how so many gunman can get into a school in such a secure area with the military, the police, everybody
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present, and yet, cause may ham so there will be many questions as far as security preparedness. this is a city that has been hit hard, everybody in the past. this is for the first time that the school has been targeted. and people across pakistan -- with this news they have been working all day today. are people blaming the government for not doing enough, to improve security and to tackle the taliban. >> absolutely, because it is also the domain of the civil security forces to give a guarantee security to the population they have nobody to look after them.
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school children are -- ordinary citizens are vulnerable and so there will be many question marks about to whether the apparatus of the government is even ready to face the kind of scenario that pack zahn is experiencing. because as you saw in nicole johnston's report, there was a blow back expected are joining tribal areas so of course there will have to be a major rating. security will have to be beefed up, and marly here because this is a wonderful city. it is surrounded on three sides and the tribal area is where the conflict is. >> thank you. well, of course, there's
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been international condemnation of these attacks. and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> this act of terror, angers and shakes all people of conscience, and we condemn nit the stronger terms possible. the perpetrators must be brought to justice. and we pledge our support. we will help them in any jay we can. >> the scale of what has happened i think defied belief. it is a dark dark day. when something on this scale happens with no justification, there's not a belief system in the world that can justify this sort of appalling act. >> the nobel peace prize winner, the girl who campaigned for children's education rights is also spoken out against the attackers she says i am
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heart brokenned by this act of terror. i condemn these atrocious acts and stand united with the government for the past few months the military has been conducting a ground offensive. it's target aread including -- and the agency. hundreds of tribesman have been killed and tens of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. >> mall sick the spokesman for the pakistani prime minister, and joins us live, thank you for speaking with us. i know the prime minister has called an emergency meeting with all parties tomorrow. what is he hopes to achieve with that? i think tomorrow first of all, let me begin by saying that today is probably one of the darkest days in the history of pakistan. we are all heart broken,
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and our heart goes out to the mothers who dressed up their kids to go to school this morning. and kiss them goodbye, not going this may be the last kiss. and because of this tragedy, we all stand together. and we all have one voice and that voice is loud and cheer. we are going to weed out terrorism from the our soil and from our region. and tomorrow, all political parties in pakistan under the leadership of the prime minister are getting together. to voice this exactly what i have just said this this tragedy is atrocious, and has brought everyone together. and we are resolved to take terrorism out do you think this will restore people's trust in the government? because many people we have been hearing from are saying that the government should have improved internal
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security before now? you should have been prepared for revenge attacks? absolutely as you know, when this action started, there was a very clear view there was going to be a blow back, and it is going to be all over the country, and it will be enormous. but if you look at the past five or since months you will find out because of the security, because of the intelligence that the government and the provincial governments have been sharing with each other, there have been many such, tens and tens of such plans which basically have been diffused ahead of time. but today was a failure, and we stand -- we shull are committed to making sure that we provide security to every child, to every school, to every hospital we are committed we are finishes our p oraces in north.
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we are just about to launch the next phase in which we will rehabilitate. the taliban have shown that they are quite able to make attacks like this, how are you going to weaken them further. >> yaw will find out they have been fractured and weakened, and maybe i am taking too much of an optist mick view but this act of terror, this crime that took place today, very clearly reflects
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that they don't have the capability to take on the forces. they don't have the capability of taking on the security apparatus. so look at what they do. they go after the must vulnerable population, the children, in our schools. how much more weak they must be feeling that they could not even go and have an adult conversation or an adult fight. so offer army has succeeded, our army has given a lot of sacrifice. and we believe we have succeeded but we have not succeeded at protecting our children today spokesman to the prime minister, thank you for speaking with us. >> thank you. >> there's more to come on this news hour, including pulling the brakes on the recruitment drive. muslims, a look at efforts to rebuild homes
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in gaza after the summer's devastating war. and in sport, find out why this american lawyer is again at the central football world cup corruption story russia's currency is in a free fall ae. thes to prevent it from collapse have not done much to slow the decline throughout the day's trading. take a look at this, it's been going down stefly since march. even fourth ther in the past day, even after interest rates were raised to 17%. reports from moscow. >> the russian central bank huge overnight hike is a savage attempt to solve a savage problem
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seth% is the rate for banks that also need their profit, so for the final borrowers it will be about 22%, at this rate, the investment process stops for most. except the few very big profit industries and the big escompanies for whom a soldier rate is set. but in general, this race persists then the investment process will stop. but the pain of this rate hike is likely to inflict on the economy may well be in vain. i brought just a few hours of respite, and before tuesday morning was even over it continues it's tumble. >> there's not much that individual russians can do about this. so this website advocated a little calm watch the ruble fall against the dollar along with the oil price, in real time to a relaxing sound track. the titanic spoof shows a ship hitting a crimea
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shaped ice burg before a ruble and a barrel of oil sink. i dropped a ruble down there, goes this joke. let me down further, i can't see the bottom. but despite the highmore, this is clearly no laughing matter. the mortgages these people have are in dollars and this is a rare display of public anger. the kremlin will be watching closely to see if this doesn't spread. they will take my flat. i have to pay $2,800 every month. it is unbearable how much it costs also i have to pay insurance on these mortgages which is also in dollars and the dollar grows so quickly, my mom and my caught her end up in the streets soon. blink on the streets of moscow and the currency boards have changed again. they can't seem the bottom, but they know they aren't there yet. al jazeera, moscow.
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the director of sovereign risk analysis. he says the only thing that will save the ruble now are oil prices stabilizing. it is a vain attempt, because all they have is a limited foreign exchange and the use of interest rates but as we have seen, the high interest rates the more you squeeze your own economy domestically with more expensive loans. and credit, which is already conk thatting. fundamentally they can't control it because it is linked to oil prices. if the oil price continues to fall, the ruble will. and there isn't anything they can do about that. so there's a real position the next thing to watch is the banking system, as the ruble falls it means that it may be difficult to service we have a credit
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crunch, lit be very difficult to take out new loans. we know that a hot of russian corporates and banks have been excluding from rolls over their debts. so it is part of the sanctions that really bites. that means even more downward pressure on the foreign exchange. so it's a very tight situation. minuteve about 12 months before they can stabilize that. >> australia's prime minister described the siege in citizenny as an appalling and ugly incident. questions are now being asked about how the man behind the attack was able to carry it out. >> for 16 hours it has been the scene of a siege. on tuesday mourning it became the back drop to an impromptu memorial. tori johnson was the manager of the coffee shop targeted, his picture was posted on the shops facebook page.
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the other victim was catina a barester and mother of three. this was published by the daily mail. >> it's been a very sad day for sidney i am the same age after katrina, i have one child, so it is very difficult. >> and kept coming all day, demand was so high, flower shops began to run out, as the floral tributes increased so did the questions doubled this brazen siege that ended in a fay that way have been prevented? he had been convicted of sending hate mail to the soldiers of families killed in afghanistan. there were serious outstanding charges against him too he was out on bail over allegations he had been
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an accessory to his ex-wife's murder. australia's prime minister. he is careble to avoided it was terrorism. >> there was nothing consistent about this veg's life. except that he was consistently weird. now, i don't think anyone, anyone, would want to emulate that. >> a crime scene, but a bigger part was an ever growing memorial. floral tributes have become a cower pet of flowers. >> people started to lay flowers here, first thing on tuesday morning and you can see how it is quickly become a carpet that covered the central of this square. this isn't just about those who died, it is a real sense among people here that sidney changed over the course of this siege. that the city's innocence was lost. andrew thomas, al
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jazeera, sidney. >> in yemen, medical sources say four people have been killed including two children, and dozens more wounded. after two car bomb blasts. but sources say the death toll is much higher with 30 people dead including went primary school children that comes after a disruptive session in the parliament, the speaker called off a confident vote. there is a majority in parliament, and frequently at arms with the current president. they accused him of backing sanctions against ally rebel leaders. spanish police have arrested seven suspected members of a network, which they say was to recruit women for the islamic state. four women, including one miner, were arrested.
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and another arrest was made in the mainland city of barcelona. this report. >> in total seven people were detained both here and across the border in spain. now, according to a statement issues by the ministry of interior, the two leaders were arrested in the town, and more people were arrested and then in barcelona. most of the people detained were females and apparently according to the statement, their role was to recruit women that would go to join isil in syria, and or iraq. their role according to the statement would be to mary fighters or indeed to carry out suicide attacks on the front line there that has to do a lot with the special status.
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those are spanish enclaves some people refer to those areas as really europe, land border with africa. the people who live there have spanish pass effort populations. it is very easy for them to cross the strait, travel throughout europe, go to turkey, and then into syria. there's an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 moroccan fighter whose have joined the battlefield. and the majority are thought to be from those two towns. >> at least 100 government soldiers have been killed fighting in italy. >> it happened during a two day battle for two key military bases. the rebel group which is include al quaida say they now control the bases. they lay on the north
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highway. fighters from libyan have launched an air strike. the only significant source of revenue under threat. they lose the coalition has been advancing on the area for the past three days the race for the white house is heating up. announcing plans to actively explore the possibility of running for president. tom has the details from washington, d.c. if jedd bush does decide to run, his bibbest challenge may be to go get the pace to reconcile with bush's outspoken position that illegal immigration in this country in his words is an act of-for families that want to survive and not a felony.
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also the other perspective candidates that h be challenging him in that respect. bush was a popular two term government of florida, and had a lot f osupport from the hispanic demographic there. and the republicans do have the prospect of actually picking up quite a lot on the nationwide hispanic electoral. again, this is a question of how gush will basically reconcile his position with the main stream. and that is a challenge for him. >> some have been here
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for hours and they are not happy. >> i spent a lot of hours looking for fuel i can't make any money. this is effecting me seriously. i use a lot of time to make fuel, and when i go out, the customers can not pay. they will say no, they don't have money. the fuel shortage mean as thriving black market. this is forcing the cost of foods and services to go up. >> payers have increased in some areas. now the markets are passing to customers by
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increasing the cost of goods. if this lasts longer, they will see price hikes but others as well. as they become difficult. >> the unions promise to keep up the pressure of government until their den't mas are met. but they are feeling the impact of the strike. despite the resources. >> so as the citizens -- any official need to be freely. they have agreed to meet to find a solution to the oil strike, but that is little comfort to those who have already lost time and money. because of the action. >> al jazeera. still the come here, we will be taking a look at the australians showing solidarity with muslims who fear a backlash.
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and we will hear from european champions as they step up their efforts to win a world title, that's after the break.
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>> a deal went against they're own government >> egypt mismanaged it's gas industry >> taking the country to the brink of economic ruin >> this is because of a corrupt deal to an assigned to basically support two dodgy businessmen an israeli one, and an egyptian one... >> al jazeera exposes those who made a fortune betraying an entire nation >> you don't feel you owe an explanation to the egyptian people? >> >> al jazeera investigates egypt's lost power on al jazeera america
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government meeting. paid tribute to the victims of the siege in a cafe in central sidney. two were killed along with a gunman. after monday's attack there can be -- the government was a muslim.
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they were helping to ease those fears. it is the end of the day, and sidney this work is on a mission. to pay their respects to the victims of the drama. tagged that seen people across the religious and ethnic divides coming together online. it's being seen as a show of solidarity who may be scared about revenge attacks.
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the #arose after a woman circulating about a woman traveling on a train. perhaps out of concern that she could be be accused in the wake of the hostage crisis. she approached the woman, encouraged her to put the head scarf back on, and told her he would ride with her to help her stay safe. >> recently, there have been several incidents of religious and racial abuse on public transport, something these friends have seen first hand. not people who try to commit atrocities. >> leaders in the community say the social media campaign is giving them hope, that there won't be a backlash. out of terrible incidents hike this, and we start to understand each other a little bit more.
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>> the end destination for this group, like so many others was martin place. the scene of the siege. >> 119 professional and eight citizen journalists were held captive this year, most were in the middle east and north africa. >> . >> parts of syria and iraq controlled by isil have seen journalists kidnapped and killed. many are forced to swear allegiance. three journalists were gunned down this year. a court between local armed groups and the army, and face frequent taliban bombs.
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hostage taking seems to have increased, they are threatened kidnapped and murdered with almost complete impugndy. lucy is the director of programs for reporters without borders, and a it willle earlier on, we asked why the wider public should care about journalists. >> well, they should care about that, because we are not defending journalists because they are journalists. their lives are not more worth than any other life. the thing is journalists are -- when they are reporting the news, when they are trying to cover what is happening in a definite way, they are playing a social role. they are doing something that is important for the public interest. so the general interest. if that one is here to denounce abuses to hold
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those in power accountability, then people are not looking for it, they don't know what is happening and they cannot be any sort of action taken against old views. not only freedom of information, but human rights generally speaking. >> i must ask you what is happening in turkey, we have seen crack downs on what many people regard as the liberal media. where does something like that end. >> well, turkey used to be one of the biggest of journalists, they have released several, but most of them are released under provisional release. so they can come back to jail, but i think the country has understood that it was really giving again a bad image on the scene, if you are -- one of the biggest of journalists. and the latest crack down on media outlets. in turkey, is not -- a very big surprise to us.
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and even since the demonstrations this arrest of several journalists and the pressure on the media comes just about a year, it's the year anniversary, the one year anniversary of the revelations on corruption, and the high level of the administration. and we believe there's probably a link between this arrest and this new media crack down that's usually a sensitive topic, but the turkish authorities do not want to be very much covered in the media. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three journalists who have now been imprisoned for 353 days. peter greste, mohamed fatny, and baha mohamed are jailed on false charges. they are appealing against the convictions.
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at the u.n. security council. >> this isn't the time to detail private conversations or speculate. on a u. n. speculation that hasn't even been detailed. and the dangers of a downward spiral of violence. the director of the palestine center. good to have you with us.
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i think the most important words the words i would underline in the statement, the one that was just play add moment ago. is the word sense of urgency. and i think a big problem here is that for palestinians there's a tremendous sense, obviously living under an israeli occupation, and for many people, there is also a sense of urgency to resolve this issue, however. for the israelis, there is no sense of urgency. and one of the reasons that they is the case is because the quite has continued to act, in the security council, and in other international arenas, to insure that the israelis do not face pressure at the end to end their occupation, and afford self-determination to palestinians living under their rule.
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is question is whether or not the secretary kerry is going to help. create that sense of urgency for the israelis by changing the united states' behavior and the security council. does not want to be isolated in the way that they continue to be isolated. as they have dominated the negotiations as the lone mediator p it has relied on a unity behind this approach. that has shown for example, which included the united nations but also importantly the union and the russians as well.
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will they continue to be the last hold out in support of this decades long occupation, and denial of rights. >> let me ask you this, if the move that the u.n. felt -- you are talking about a sense of urgency, which i agree is there, if it fails what then? what is their next move. >> well, that is the most important question for the leadership. and it is an extremely precarious position. they still believe that
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the path goes through washington mediated talks and they are hoping to use these efforts to leverage their position in those talks to create a sense of isolation, for the israelis. there is a reality, though, that that is not going to work. that there needs to be a strategic shift, not merely a tactical effort here. away from washington, because as we noted, ooze europe and the rest of the world continue dozen move in this direction towards supporting her. they are going to continue, then the palestinians must move away. and return in the future. so that's the most important question here is what next. and many palestinians do not believe that the road to peace will go through
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washington at all. >> good to speak with you, thank you very much. speaking to us there from washington, d.c. >> now hundreds of thousands of gazans are made homeless in the bombardment. reports now from the challenges facing those who are trying to rebuild their homes. 3 1/2 months after the war in gaza, reconstruction is barely getting started. it is painfully slow. lead the diplomatic effort. reconstruction materials can be used to build tunnels. so it's import is tightly controlled. abu is only now receiving his cement to start preparing his home. >> a week ago, i went to check my name, and they wanted to give me 30 tons of cement. but i had no money to pay.
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so i borrowed some money from a relative. i need labor, workers, bricks, i have no money left. >> the money to buy the cement, is meant to come from the government using u.n. funds. they are told when they are allowed to buy cement, and they come that warehouses like this, but the cash has not reached many gazans yet many more need help. >> i want to be clear that we are just beginning a long painful process of reconstruction. we estimate that up to 100,000 people need repairs to their homes. small scale repairs in some cases very small other cases large. >> those handing out materials are constantly supervised. >> part of the agreement to ahow reconstruction into gaza was that they would be monitored to make sure that they aren't being used to rebuild any tunnels.
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so every cement distribution center like this one is monitors 24 hour as day, by live cameras like this one up in the corner here. it is watching to make sure it can see every bag of cement, that leaves to make sure none of it goes to armed groups. the u. n. hopes to have helped a quarter of all those who are homeless, are need to be repaired. but it will likely be several more cold winters before most of the displaced will have livable homes again. jane ferguson, al jazeera, gaza. >> protests in haiti are continuing despite prime minister's resignation over the weekend. demonstrators say they will stay on the streets until they step down as well. in port-au-prince. >> this is the first task of whether the
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president -- to start the head of the supreme court, and the provisional elick story. to persuade the protestors. ooze you can see, the indications is they haven't been. in order to -- they agree from january. they say they ar from chrio the new year [crowd noise] politicians in the u.k. have voted in support of a law it is designed to reduce the wage inequality that still exists. simon mcgregor wood reports. >> all i am asking for is
1:46 pm
equal pay for equal work. >> an attempt to end years of unequal pay. britain's labor party, which will force all companies to make public their rates of pay. the hope is transparency will get rid of the pay gap between men and women. and my constituency, over a lifetime, that means women miss out on a staggering 200,000 pounds. >> what we want, equal pay. >> outside there was a rally by supporters including veteran campaigners. these women took on the ford motor company for paying them less than men, and they won. >> i think it is disgusting that we treated differently.
1:47 pm
>> also here a hollywood actress playing one of the women. >> if your wife is earning less, if your caughtser going into a work mace where she is treated lesser than her male counter part, it should interest you. >> paying women less than men has been illegal for years. it does sometimes still happen, but the causes of the pay gap are much more complex. there aren't enough women in top paying position takes maternity leave tends to knock them back. men often get bigger bonus which is can add up to them learning thousands less a year. most companies won't do it unless they have to. >> 258, the nose to the left, eight. >> the bat salt lake not yet won, further parliamentary steps are needed before it can come
1:48 pm
into effect. the journey to equal pay is proving long and hard. al jazeera, london. stay with us. program
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summary of his workset a released by fifa was incomplete and erroneous. and the 2018 and 2022 world cups. fifa says the statement isn't legally binding so it can't be appealed. a meeting this week will decide if garcia's report can be published in full. here is our sports correspondent. >> what fifa wanted and they keeping on saying is closure they thought they had it, and then michael gar see yeah came out and said no, that's why there is a form of battle. the action and spotlight turns to this meeting on thursday and friday. the executive committee where the older and compliant committee will have to decide if this thick is going to be published.
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the final stage against mexico, conditions were so bad, that has now been declared unplay only, and this game is madrid coming into this tournament, off the back of a club record 20 consecutive wins. >> we are ready to play here. and of course, we are trying to do our best, because there is a possibility to see real madrid. and this is for us a good chance to do our best, because we want to give happiness to our supporters. >> manchester united, insists he has never been involved in match fixing.
1:52 pm
the united player saying on his facebook page, if i am ever called to testify, i will be called. my conscious is clear. another player who has been named in that report. live pool manager says talk of unrest within his squad is wide of the mark. last season's a miserable campaign so far, they are in the bottom half of the table, and out of the championships league. next up for them is a quarter final on wednesday. >> these are competitive players. so they are competitive, and they won't be happy. with losing but the spirit in the group is very very strong. and that's one reason why i believe once we get that confident back, through performing well, equally, than we are go into the second half and do better.
1:53 pm
>> they have had the perfect send off. comfortably beating what was the last ever o.d.i. on home soil. the bulk of the run scoring to another veteran. he has smashed a century, as they have scored 302 for 6 in their 50. england had already lost the series and were never close to a consolation win. the captain was again without ows for 32, england all out for 215, they win by 87. they win the series 5-2. it is a pay dispute ended a tour of india in october. the first of three test series begins against south africa on wednesday, south africa are the current world number one and plays in their first home test since march. >> they are just looking to be competitive. against th the consistency.
1:54 pm
because of the system, and the world cup. so we want a chance to get anywhere close, we have to compete. and that's the reason why we want to play. >> even with the hype, and the attention, but it is a good thing, and now they settle in, and play at home. sounds like we have been away for a long time. >> and the nfl players associated has file add lawsuit against the league for handles adrian petersen child abuse case. he was suspended for the rest of the season after admitted to beating his four-year-old son. agreeing that after his legal case was resolved he would be allowed to return to the team, but his ban was upheld under the new personal conduct policy. that is all the sport for now. >> andy, thank you very much indeed for that.
1:55 pm
now, it was the language of roman emperors and philosophers and layed the foundation of modern european languages literature and thinking. but latin also came chose to extinction. now attempts are being made to bring it back to life. these are arguably the world's finest in these academies laughing is thought and spoken 24-7. students capable here from 15 different countries. the ancient language. >> at school i fell in love with latin and greek literature. i came here because it is the only place where you can learn latin. it is out of the foundation of all zahrts from science to architecture, to
1:56 pm
medicine. so i will be able to use it in everything i will choose, to do next. >> it means that many consider latina dead language. but as these students prove, the ancient language is experience as resurrection p the most famous promoter of latin. where latin is the official language. but it's popularity goes well beyond it's walls. >> the pope's twitter account in latin has more than 300,000 followers amonthly online magazine with latin cross words puzzles and even the comic strip has 3,000 subscribers p and a pink floyd cover band has
1:57 pm
translated and reformed the dark side of the moon in latin. >> ♪ but the academe yeah director says that in those cases the real value of latin, gets lost in translation. for centuries latin was used to talk about important issues about humanity, using it for a hobby doesn't revive the language, it kills it. >> students prefer to sing sonnets to pink floyd, but to all of them, latin is music to their ears. well, you can carpe diem and go to our website, and find owl awe the day's news and developments that's it for this news hour, for me and all the team here, bye for now.
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are killed as talibandren fighters attack a school. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, what will take to halt the shied in russia's currency. police say they have broken up a network recruiting women for the islamic state. >> and oh brother, why jeb bush thinks the u.s.a. knees another member of the family in the white house.